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The Anatomy Lesson

Any suggestions or additions, please contact me at E-Mail. These Web Pages are dedicated to all the students with whom I had the good fortune of teaching at Georgetown University. They are meant to be studied by the person who is just interested in learning a little about human anatomy, as a review of previous anatomy courses or for anyone else who might find the lessons helpful.

The experience of the representation-based pictorial space of the canvas can be compared with the dynamic relational space created through the technologically embodied and enhanced perception characteristic of virtual reality environments.

source url As an interactive diorama, The Anatomy Lesson is an artifact of expression that gathers myriad possible discourses and stories within itself. As an expressive artifact the diorama can also conjure up multiple realities for the spectator. But what lurks behind it? In deconstructing and reinterpreting the work once again in the 21st century, art assumes the role of an interface allowing for speculative and agonistic experimentation and thinking.

Anatomy for Beginners (Lesson 1: Movement) WARNING: LIVE DISSECTION

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