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Specialty courses account for most of the students' time in school. They are focused specifically around the chosen series of the student to specialize in - examples include: law and major issues of the contemporary world literature series , computer science and digital sciences science series , or social and political sciences economic and social science series. The goal of the technological route of upper secondary school is to prepare students for advanced technological studies in the science and technology fields. Courses students take while in upper secondary school can be further extended through a bachelor's or professional degree at the university level, or lead directly into integration in the professional field.

Similar to the general bac route, there are several series within the technological route that students can choose to follow such as:. Students are also given the choice of two optional courses of art or physical education and sports, to be taken alongside their technological classes if they so choose. In Terminale, teachers play a larger role in students' chosen projects. They work with students 9 or 10 hours a week compared to 5 to 6 hours in the first year and cross-curricular teaching is reduced to allow for more specific instruction which encourages each student to deepen their studies in the domain of their choosing.

Some areas include:. There is a third route which allows pupils to gain vocational skills as well as general knowledge specific to a given field. This track was reformed in to help raise the qualifications of young people, improve their transition from school to a professional environment, and facilitate further study in higher education when relevant. Part of this course occurs in the work place where students gain hands-on experience and skills, which are defined by the framework of each diploma and assessed through exams. At the end of upper secondary, pupils sit for the vocational baccalaureate exam, similar to general and technological, which gives level IV end of secondary school certification see French Classification inset.

A level V intermediary qualification CAP or BEP is taken at some point during the course of the three year period of study to ensure that each young person gains some qualifications. Young people can also work towards their vocational diploma through an apprenticeship at a Centre de Formation d'Apprentis CFA Apprentice Training Centres and day release to an employer. EB-5 has become a mainstream capital source, a popular path to citizenship, a frequent news topic, a priority for the U.

Department of Homeland Security and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and a major job creator not only in investment projects but also for a constellation of service providers. A fully-fledged EB-5 industry has emerged, driven by growing demand, increased competition, and heightened scrutiny. A strong business plan can bear scrutiny by the immigration service and by investors, brokers, and security regulators.

It presents a clear, attractive, consistent, well-supported, and accurate picture of a proposal, and anticipates questions and concerns. The successful EB-5 plan is the end of a process that begins with understanding how EB-5 immigration and investment work. Lazicki helps clients to keep up with industry developments and the pressure on EB-5 documents from an ever larger, more diverse, and more sophisticated audience. He and his companies have helped hundreds of EB-5 and other clients since May of In fact, they have been involved with 65 successful Regional Center formations and more than business plans related to EB-5, L-1, E-2, and other immigration programs.

Lee has also personally trained many EB-5 professionals who are now a successful part of his team. Lee began RL Business Plans with a passion for problem solving, customer service and development of the best EB-5 business plan product possible. He focused on integrating 3rd party data and continuously improving the EB-5 business plan structure, content and analyses to meet or exceed USCIS standards.

Piloter en education prioritaire : Quelles collaborations, pour quelles priorités ?

After realizing that EB-5 business plans had matured, Elite Visa Plans was founded in May of to scale operations and form a company that was solely focused on immigration business plan products and allowed Lee to focus on consulting services through Elite EB-5 Solutions. This company provides process management for new entrants and those regional center owners looking for an experienced partner to focus on execution from end-to-end. RL Business Plans now focuses on other types of feasibility studies, market reports and other business plans.

Prior to EB-5, Lee began his career working for three of the major movie studios as he managed forecasting, reporting and analysis teams responsible for big-box retail accounts in the United States and Canada. He then worked as the Director of Financial Planning and Analysis for a mid-sized jewelry company with 16 locations and backed by private equity.

Marisa Marconi has been working in the business planning industry since Her participation in the EB-5 industry began around , when after recognizing an increasing number of clients and attorneys seeking plans for EB-5 projects, she began to focus on developing business plans that were tailored to address the requirements of the program, and to specifically address the requirements outlined in Matter of Ho. Through research, conversations with attorneys and economists in the industry, and participation in continuing education opportunities, Marconi strives to remain abreast of the ever-changing EB-5 environment to ensure the plans she and her team produce are comprehensive and serve the project during both the marketing and filing phases of the EB-5 process.

As the Senior Project Manager at Master Plans, Marconi and her team have written approximately EB-5 business plans to date, and also specialize in business plans for other immigrant visas E-2 and L Before working exclusively on EB-5 and immigrant visa business plans, Marconi managed business plan projects for clients from a broad array of industries seeking funding from angel investors, venture capital firms, and banks.

The EB-5 program felt like a natural extension of this existing work with more tangible results. Rather than writing a concept plan for the next tech start-up that may never come to pass, she now has the opportunity to work with investors, project developers, and business owners that are utilizing investment for real projects that positively impact local communities and create jobs for American workers. The best part of her job is receiving word from a client or attorney that a project or petition was approved and having the opportunity to see the resulting project take shape.

In his role, he oversees complex projects for clients submitting regional center applications and I petitions. Martin prefers to work closely with his clients, not in a customer or consumer relationship but rather treating them as active participants in the process, to make sure the specific details of their projects are captured, for not only the USCIS adjudicator but in marketing the project to investors as well.

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Specializing in business plan preparation and economic analysis reports, he oversees a team of writers and analysts and acts as the liaison between clients and the Baker Tilly staff. Having watched EB-5 grow over the past few years, Martin sees the future of the industry becoming even more complex as the industry navigates new regulatory rules that are sure to come out over the next year.

After receiving his degree in Biology with a Teaching Certificate from Brigham Young University, he taught high school Biology in California before joining a biopharmaceutical company.

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He has worked in various positions that focused on client engagement and the customer experience, including leading teams of customer service representatives. Having worked for over 11 years at a Fortune company, Martin trained hundreds of representatives to build solid relationships with stakeholders in order to meet commitments, solve challenges, manage expectations, and expand relationships. He has taught and presented to small and large groups, and his love and passion for teaching find him facilitating and teaching often. He has more than 30 years of experience in management, planning, modeling, funding, mergers and acquisitions and business development consulting.

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Rojano was primarily assisting clients to navigate through mergers and acquisitions when he worked with his first EB-5 client in His first project was managing an application for an EB-5 regional center. At that time, there were less than 25 approved regional centers and the I form had not yet been introduced. Following that project, Rojano developed vast expertise and an impeccable reputation in the EB-5 industry that led to many referrals.

He has helped to form and develop several regional centers all over the United States. He has always provided consulting for project development and modeled and authored business plans for direct and regional center cases, and non-immigrant visas. Rojano and his team have provided business consulting to immigrant investors and more than 75 regional centers, deploying over 0 million into projects.

He has modeled and written more than EB-5 project and regional center business plans. He travels the world speaking at conferences as an EB5 expert where his goal is to promote the U. Certifications are based on international bodies such as Cambridge Assessment English, the Cervantes Institute or the Kultusministerkonferenz. Beginning in September , twelfth-graders who are enrolled in a specific language track international sections, European and Asian language sections , as well as higher vocational diploma BTS students in international trade, will pass certification tests.

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For the start of the academic year, France will present the candidacy of two new European schools, in Lille and Courbevoie, to European authorities. The engagement of schools and educational establishments in numerous European projects, in the organization of travel for their students and staff, and the reception of European students are conducive to language practice, the discovery of other cultures and new professional environments.

These establishments thus participate in the construction of European citizenship.

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A certification recognizing this commitment will be put in place during the first half of , in line with their engagement in European projects and in partnership with local authorities. Le handicap. Increase the instruction of modern languages Strengthening student assessment Opening schools to Europe and the world. The President of the Republic, in his speech of March 20, , emphasized the need for plurilingualism for the future of Europe.