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King George III Biography
  1. Down to the River
  2. Making Sense of Robert E. Lee
  3. Making Sense of Robert E. Lee
  4. How Joan of Arc Turned the Tide in the Hundred Years’ War

However, only the very largest industrialists and financiers were drawn into the management of the state apparatus whose power belonged to the noblemen and the big bourgeois landowners. In their interest, high duties on corn were introduced which increased the price of bread and were thus unfavourable to the industrial bourgeoisie. The aristocratic reaction strengthened their positions increasingly; the government decided to award a thousand million francs to emigrants for the lands they had lost, abolish Jury courts and to expel oppositionists from the civil service.

The liberals formed the political representatives of the bourgeoisie and together with the deputies of other opposition groups held in parliament votes out of But then by the decree of July 26, the king dissolved parliament. The July revolution of was the answer to this. For three days on end the workers of Paris fought on the barricades while the soldiers refused to go into action against the people. The liberal bourgeoisie took fright at the revolution.

Its leader, Thiers, later to be the butcher of this Paris Commune, addressed an appeal to the people in which he proposed to hand the crown to a nominee of the French people. The result of the July revolution was the substitution of one king by another and the transfer of power from the big landowners to the financial bourgeoisie. Two world economic events hastened the revolutionary eruption of — the potato blight and poor harvest of and and the general commercial and industrial crisis in Britain.

Down to the River

A series of banquets formed the starting-point of the movement in which at first even the most moderate bourgeois groups took part. They demanded the relaxation of the electoral qualifications. The republicans joined with the moderate bourgeoisie, the so-called dynastic left. The business initiated by the bourgeoisie was completed by the revolutionary movement of the working masses. On February 24, after a three-day battle on the barricades, the monarchy was overthrown.

A provisional government was formed in which two representatives of the workers sat: Louis Blanc and Albert Alexandre Martin. The Paris proletariat did force the republic to make this concession to it. National workshops were organized which by the end of May employed over , workers and paid out daily in wages some 70, livres. The financial question was solved by the government by introducing a new tax of 45 centimes on each peasant holding — this set the peasants against the revolution. A second question was that of the date of convening the Constituent Assembly.

The bourgeoisie wanted to convene the Assembly as soon as possible. The republicans and socialists sought to postpone the elections to the Assembly so as to have an opportunity to organize the revolution and to educate the masses and win their confidence in revolutionary power. They managed to get it postponed from April 9 to the When it met, a majority of members of the Constituent Assembly consisted of moderate republicans while from the workers representatives only Louis Blanc and Albert gained seats. The elections marked the victory of the bourgeoisie over the prole-tariat and of the towns over the countryside.

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Feeling its new power, the government of the bourgeoisie on May 24 made an order for the closing down of the national workshops and the moving of the workers employed in them from Paris. On June 21, the order began to take effect. The result was the June uprising which was drowned in the blood of the Paris workers. Some 50, were killed and some 25, arrested. On June 28, the uprising was crushed and on the 30th the annulment of the decree limiting the length of the working day was announced.

Reaction had triumphed. On December 10, elections for the president of the republic were declared. Louis Napoleon Bonaparte was elected receiving 54 million votes of 74 million. The republic had announced itself to this class as the tax collector; this class announced itself to the republic with the emperor.

Louis-Napoleon reigned until See Revolution of History Archive. The basic causes leading to the proclamation of the Commune were the catastrophic defeat of France in the Franco-German War, the openly displayed treachery and impotence of the reactionary Thiers government and the grave famine facing the working masses of Paris who had expected from the government the collection and requisitioning of supplies and other measures in vain. The Commune was remarkable for its radical legislation which found an expression in the acts of abolish-ing the standing army, the separation of church from state and so forth.

Making Sense of Robert E. Lee

However capitalism did not die away under the Commune but concealed its power substantially intact. The Communards fatally hesitated to seize the Bank of France. Generally the working class was insufficiently conscious and organized and after a heroic eight-day resistance the Paris Commune fell to the forces of the Thiers government. The triumphant bourgeoisie took savage reprisals against the insurgent workers. The Paris Commune played a role of world-historical importance. It was an embodiment of the dictatorship of the proletariat in an incomplete form. The Paris Commune destroyed the illusion of a peaceful transfer of power to the proletariat.

The Communards under-estimated the furious resistance that the ruling classes would mount. Besides this the Commune brought home the necessity for the centralized leadership of a political party without which even the most powerful spontaneous movement can be easily smashed.

Making Sense of Robert E. Lee

Herein lie the principal lessons of the Paris Commune. See Paris Commune History Archive. This war marked the end of French hegemony in Europe and resulted in the creation of Germany as Europe's strongest economic and military power. The war brought to an end an era of military tactics: close troop formations and cavalry charges, seriously under assault since the US Revolutionary war, disappeared from Europe after the war. Background: In May , Empress Eugenie of France, seeing the gradual rot and decay of the Empire, declared that the spoils of war would save the Bonaparte dynasty; namely the expansion of the French border to the Rhine river.

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How Joan of Arc Turned the Tide in the Hundred Years’ War

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Early Years and Education

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