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  1. Play runs Jan. 28 to Feb. 13
  2. Drowning Prevention Week
  3. Me, Bhav and Cockers drowning our sorrows :D - Picture of Kiss Club, Albufeira - TripAdvisor
  4. The Drowning

In regards to the characters, I loved how the main character, Alex Mason, was developed and felt that his attitude contributed to how the story played out.

Play runs Jan. 28 to Feb. 13

Each character in this story added an interesting twist and dynamic and I loved every part of it. The plot was really interesting to me because it went from a story of a young boy who disappeared and the myth that surrounded it to the story of a successful man who now has a past that is following him.

It kept me on my toes and guessing who was the person behind the tricks. Overall, I really really loved this story. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a suspenseful whodunnit type of story.

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Drowning Prevention Week

March 25, Overall Rating. Plot Rating. Character Rating. By Abigail Wise.

Me, Bhav and Cockers drowning our sorrows :D - Picture of Kiss Club, Albufeira - TripAdvisor

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The Drowning

With your help, we directly reached almost 2 million people with water safety messages, and millions more learned how to stay safe and have fun near water through the press and social media. The Drowning Prevention Week resources are still available to those who are interested in educating others about water safety.

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The campaign encourages schools, clubs, leisure centres and communities, to promote water safety education through events, lessons, games and activities, in a bid to make people more aware of the dangers of water. Supporting Drowning Prevention Week will help scores of children to learn about water safety. We have produced a range of activities for schools and youth groups, ranging from classroom-based workshops to outdoor PE and orientation sessions, as well as a host of pool-based resources for leisure centres and swim schools.

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