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Andrzej Sapkowski. Your review has been submitted successfully. Not registered? Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Each day, there were gifts waiting for Annabelle at the magical pond. However, Annabelle did not visit the pond everyday. She went to the pond only when she felt like or had to feed the fishes. God was glad! He was expecting her to come to the pond every day.

Usually, whenever Annabelle went to feed the fishes, they would smell the food and pop their little heads out. But, that day, the fishes did not pop their heads out. Annabelle wondered where the fishes were. She peered into the water, and, to her horror, she saw all the fishes dead.

She cried a lot. Through her teary eyes, she saw a little gift left behind by the dead fishes by the side of the pond. What was inside the gift was the most wonderful thing that Annabelle had ever received.

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It was a magic box. Using the powers of the magic box, guess what Annabelle did? She brought all the fishes back to life and started feeding and playing with them! God was extremely happy to see that Annabelle was not selfish with the magic box but had used it to bring back the fishes to life. He was also happy to see her taking care of the fishes and playing with them. So, now, whenever Annabelle wished for anything at the Magical Pond, God fulfilled her wish immediately. If you spot Annabelle anywhere, make sure you ask her to take you to the Magical Pond.

The Magical Pond There was once a little girl called Annabelle. Then Rate It. Send your stories to editor dimdima. All Rights Reserved. A Parrot and A Crow.

Art Alchemy – Sparks – Magical Pond 1.7 fl.oz (50ml)

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