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The Science of Getting Rich - Wallace D Wattles

He argues that the above authors had a common thread: they were so successful because they each adopted some of the same core principles, which he laid out in his book. Wallace D. His books were central to this movement.


Egyptian hieroglyphs inscribed in stone contain many of the precepts of New Thought. These texts are attributed to the god-man Toth-Hermes. He was acclaimed as a great teacher in the ancient world.

The Science of Getting Rich - Wikipedia

The central tenant of New Thought that descends directly from Hermetic Philosophy is there is one supreme being with an Infinite Intelligence. That deity imbues and pervades all space and time. Furthermore, we, human mortals with finite intelligence, are able to employ our creative capacity of thought and willpower to come into harmony with the Divine.

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  • By doing so we are able to cause what we want and desire to be created. Or to put it another way: our thoughts connect us to the divine creator of the universe, and because of that our thoughts are more powerful than we could ever expect. By visualizing what we want, we can impress those thoughts upon the Infinite Intelligence that makes up our world, and literally change our world to attract what we think about. Wallace Wattles states very clearly in the preface that by reading this book and doing exactly what the book tells you to do, you can become wealthy.

    The book is written as an instruction manual. Wattles spends the first three chapters presenting the premise for the book. The premise is this: not only do you have a right to be rich, but there is actually a science to getting rich that anyone can learn.

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    • He devotes the remainder of the book to outlining this science in step-by-step fashion. If you follow these steps, then Wallace D. Wattles virtually guarantees that you will become wealthy. The book is an unvarnished doctrine of wealth creation. Wattles was one of the pioneers of New Thought, and of the success and self-development genres of literature. Numerous well-known New Thought authors and trainers attribute a great debt of inspiration to Wattles.

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      Oprah Winfrey famously champions the ideas espoused in the book. He writes in the introduction to his seminar that although he had been a serious student of human potential for over a decade before being introduced to The Science of Getting Rich , once he began to study it everything changed. The inspiration for the book and movie took place as follows.

      Towards the end of , and following a string of traumatic events in her personal and professional life, Rhonda Byrne discovered a great secret — the secret laws and principles of the universe. It gave me a glimpse of The Secret and it was like a flame inside of my heart. The book lays out a concrete step-by-step plan to earn more wealth than you dreamed possible.

      You can buy it today from Amazon affiliate link. The Wealth Creation Mastermind is a group of like-minded entrepreneurs devoted to mastering and applying the principles in books like The Science of Getting Rich. If you want to cut the learning curve and jump-start your path towards financial freedom, then we highly recommend that you sign up for our free weekly webinar at the link below.

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