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Neue Einblicke in das alte Geheimnis Download. His movie was absolutely great but is he just partially bonked or what? I obviously can't speak for Chris White, who in my albeit limited conversations with him has always been nothing but kind, polite, and intellectually engaged.

That said, he is a devout Christian and interprets evidence in that light, and is therefore looking for rationalizations that would support a literal interpretation of Genesis 6: In that sense, he seems to view the ancient astronaut theory as a rival to Biblical literalism. I usually purchase books regularly thru Amazon unless you can recommend a better source. Thank you for your interest in my books.

My only two books that are directly about ancient astronauts are my first book, "The Cult of Alien Gods" , and my "Critical Companion to Ancient Aliens" However, if you want a free!

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Video you might enjoy - Logical Fantasies on Illuminutti website. Video you might enjoy - Logical Fantasies on "Illuminutti" website. Video you might enjoy - Logical Fantasies on "Illuminutti. Sorry for the duplicates - the site kept telling me I had a spelling error on the Logical Fantasies website and that I had to resend it.

I'm an author and editor who has published on a range of topics, including archaeology, science, and horror fiction. Contents Excerpt Image Gallery. Short Stories Free Fiction. Edison's Conquest of Mars. Plane of Ether The Adepts from Venus. Pantera, Father of Jesus? White also explained that myths and legends support his views about the universal nature of these beings since their description does not vary across time or cultures, though only Christian myth preserves the complete story.

He explained that skeptics have failed to challenge the existence of such myths: I will say that there is no consistent myth of super-intelligent evil beings who lie and deceive for personal gain.

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  7. Oesterreich—a German philosophy professor and believer in the reality of possession and psychic powers—compiled a massive study of possession in , Possession: Demoniacal and Other English trans. Oesterreich, however, saw possession as being remarkably consistent across time and space, agreeing fundamentally with the account given in Mark 5: The evidence he marshaled, though, belies the fact that possession is not typically the thrashing, violent usurpation of the soul typified by The Exorcist.

    To take but the most famous example: The Greek Oracle of Delphi experienced possession by the god Apollo, and this was considered a very good thing. In traditional cultures, possessions can be positive, negative, or neutral. Here is the relevant passage from Genesis 6: The typical story is that the gods bore children to humans, who became semi-divine supermen. Obvious examples include Gilgamesh, Perseus, and Heracles. But it is primarily among the history-minded peoples of the Near East that a relatively clear distinction exists between the gods, the semi-divine heroes, and mortal men.

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    It is not perfectly clear: Heracles became a god, the hero Jason was fully human, and Dionysus was all sorts of ambiguity. Outside of this tradition, the lines are blurred still further. Some heroes are human, some are the children of gods, and others are autochthonous creations that spring up from the earth, the trees, or other natural features.

    As a general rule though no means universal , societies on the lower end of the development spectrum tell stories about gods and animals; higher-order civilizations humanize the stories into tales of heroes, first semi-divine, then fully human. I defy anyone to read that and find any sort of consistency in the depiction of this most archetypical of heroes: Worldwide, parallel stories feature even broader differences.

    Cover of my edition of "The Legend of Perseus," which records hundreds of mutually contradictory legends on various aspects of the Perseus theme. Insofar as hybridization goes, there is again no consistency across cultures. Julius Caesar claimed Venus as his divine ancestor, while Native groups across the Americas speak of talking animals as their ancestors. Among the Maya, the Flood killed off most of the men of wood—not hybrid god-creatures—and modern humans arose later.

    But even these wooden men still exist, as New World monkeys, and I doubt anyone would try to explain that monkeys are hybrids from another dimension. The closest I can come are the Titans, the former race of gods who were condemned to Tartarus; their leader, Kronos, served as an oracle of the dead. This was the view of occultist Richard Cavendish. But this hardly seems the same, and at any rate the story is derived from Near Eastern models which also influenced the Enochian account, so they are not completely independent.

    Nor do the Norse have Watchers, though Odin had two ravens who told him everything that occurred on earth each day. Really, the only way to stretch the concept of Watchers to cover most mythologies is to adopt the idea of the early Church Fathers that pagan gods are themselves demons, so therefore all pagan mythologies are really demonologies of various Watchers and other infernal cliques. On the authority of St.

    The best I can do is suggest that White is referring to the widespread Near Eastern myth of the succession of the gods, in which an older race of gods is dispossessed by the younger and banished; but this is no means universal outside the Near East. Where there are similarities in otherwise unrelated myths, it is on the structural level, and these similarities need no demons or Watchers to explain them. White mentions ayahuasca, the hallucinogen that South Americans use to access the spirit world.

    More than years ago, Jacob Bryant tried to explain that all world myths were merely corruptions of the Book of Genesis, the great original of all literature. To do so, he had to start with a conclusion and work backward to the evidence, faking some of it.