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In fact, I only got hooked at the last one hundred pages. My impression is that this is a story that takes off slowly, but slowly builds up chaos, to the point that at the end, everything collapses, almost everyone is dead, and voila, there is a cliffhanger ending. If this novel were an orchestral piece, I would probably compare it to Maurice Ravel's Bolero. So I end up enjoying this book, but only when it nears its end. I am not sure how I feel about that. Maybe, maybe not.

TURING'S DELIRIUM by Edmundo Paz Soldán , Lisa Carter | Kirkus Reviews

I am not quite convinced at this point. I'll give this book 3 out of 5 stars. See my other book reviews here. Nov 09, Vince rated it really liked it. A techno-thriller combining cryptography, espionage, and high-tech. The story takes place partly in a cyber-space virtual reality akin to Second World. This novel provides interesting parallels to modern police states, including the dreadful administration that currently has a grip on the US.

It also highlights the vulnernability to sabotage of our high-tech infrastructure. Good character development, good pace to the story, interesting twists, and you definitely want to get to the en A techno-thriller combining cryptography, espionage, and high-tech. Good character development, good pace to the story, interesting twists, and you definitely want to get to the end to see how it turns out.

A good read, if you can grok the high-tech. Nov 30, Scarlett rated it it was ok.

The Turing Test - Computerphile

What the Black Chamber does is they try to overthrow the government, making hackers represent revolutionaries. This book was very interesting explaining revolutions in a way that would get teens and adults hooked and making it very intense. In the beginning of the book it starts out introducing the characters and how they all became hackers. It was a little confusing and not that interesting in the first few chapters because it would explain in detail the background story of each character. But when I got farther in the book it became a lot more interesting and I started to really like the detail that was added in the book.

The plot became a lot more clearer and so did the characters once you see what the problem is you start to see what the main idea is going to be. In many ways I would have never expected the book to go into such detail about the characters and the setting making it be very intense.

My overall thought on this book was that it was very intense once you get further in the book and start to understand the plot. This book is different from other books I have read because they usually get straight to the point, instead the book takes it's time to actually explain what is going on. In the book you also have to pay very close attention because if you start skipping pages or spacing out then you tend to get very confused and wouldn't be interested. Mar 16, Vijay Fafat rated it liked it.

The main thorn in the side is a computer terrorist named Kandinski. Black Chamber has on its side a cryptanalyst with decades of experiencing tackling various types of codes. And the game is on, with the inevitable mole inside Black Chamber, fevered dreams which feature the dreamer talking in first person as Charles Babbage, Turing, etc. The book intersperses mathematical references throughout, including a long description of the Enigma machine, Fermat and Mersenne primes, etc.

At one point, the Black Chamber director recalls how, as a child, he was taught number theory by his mother using the book, "The Man Who Counted. Mar 14, Allan MacDonell rated it it was amazing. Feb 28, Julia Modde rated it it was ok. This books wants to be so many stories, that is in the end no story. Even though I enjoyed the cyberpunk drive of the book and the political context of a Bolivia in motion, the whole book left me kind of uninterested.

And the whole story pointed in a net of coincidences and connections, which I found just too much for a story. Jul 02, Ellen added it Shelves: latin-america , started-but-never-finished. I was so excited to read a book by a Bolivian author but beyond place names and a potentially Goni-like character it had no colla-camba flavor. The mishmash of writing styles was frustrating and the plot slow. Nov 18, Anne rated it it was ok. Some of the comments by GoodReads members were spot on. While I did not dislike the book, I would not necessarily recommend it.

Turing's Delirium

Jul 15, Ron Henry rated it really liked it. Some reviews are describing this as Latin American William Gibson, which I don't think is quite right. That's not to say I wasn't caught up in the multi-layered plot and the well-drawn characters. It's a great read. And discovered when I read the cover blurb the author is a Cornell professor.

Turing's Delirium

I didn't know that when I bought it. Jun 30, Robert Rosenthal rated it liked it. Nonetheless, it represents a worthy attempt. Its narrative structure is unusual and intriguing. It follows several different viewpoint characters, each with her or his own perspective on the crimes of state that have been exposed over the years by the code-breakers of the clandestine Black Chamber, and that have served to maintain dictatorial power in one form or another.

The characters include Albert, the dying founder of the organization; his number one code-breaker, Saenz, as well as his professor wife and hacker daughter; the master hacker, Kandinsky—iconic, anonymous, and threatening to bring down the government—who has apparently infiltrated the Black Chamber itself; the new head of the organization fresh from his post at the NSA ; and craven judge Cardona, intent on revenge through a belated vigilante justice.

This seems at first like an affectation think Bright Lights, Big City , but it works as an effective distancing maneuver. Saenz drifts through the novel like the ineffectual ghost that he is, finding meaningless patterns and codes wherever he looks in his mundane world, while dreaming of his past triumphs under Albert. If Saenz is the most boring character, Albert is the most interesting, and in his stream of consciousness ramblings we are treated to a host of anecdotes about code-makers and breakers and their hidden, behind-the-scenes roles in shaping history.

Fascinating, and to this reader the most interesting aspect of the novel. Without getting into plot points or outcomes, the novel grapples with the issue of responsibility: Is it enough to just follow orders and be a good soldier? Must we not also weigh the consequences of our actions? Is truth revealed when we seemingly expose a wrong? Or are we simply being manipulated? Is there another more subtle layer of code underlying the one we grappled with where the real meaning lies?

These questions should give rise to a rich thematic structure, and the novel did indeed lay the foundation for it. Perhaps its biggest fault was that I never really cared for or about any of the characters. Like Saenz, they all seemed a bit untethered. As a result, the historical vignettes wound up carrying more verve and color than the story line, and overwhelm it by contrast.

I just wish it had been more. Nov 26, Drew rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction. This was a book that mixed high tech hacking, a Latin American country's movement from dictatorship to something akin to democracy Bolivia is setting , how to deal both personally and nationally with political violence committed by people who are still in power, or at least wield power, and grassroots movements. It's a lot to cover and many writing techniques are deployed to move the story from start to finish. This book took me forever to get through.

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This was in part due to my writ This was a book that mixed high tech hacking, a Latin American country's movement from dictatorship to something akin to democracy Bolivia is setting , how to deal both personally and nationally with political violence committed by people who are still in power, or at least wield power, and grassroots movements. This was in part due to my writing and not wanting to get distracted by reading fiction.

Turns out, that hurt me. I need to keep reading even when I'm in the midst of heavy writing. But, it couldn't be just that. Email Newsletter.

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Film Industry Professional. Other Book Industry Professional. Email address:. It is the teenage daughter and 'nerd' Flavia, daughter of Miguel who was identified as a capable candidate to help them in this mission. This is the story at the fore front.

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Soldan uses the multi narrative technique to tell a fast paced gripping story. The cyber world of "Play Ground" where most of the counter Government and the anti - transnational activities are groomed and coordinated by people called the Resistance with secret identities and unknown background joining for the cause. His affair with the drug addicted prostitute, whom he is being the guardian and provide for. He is also fighting his own trauma resulted from the guilt of his actions as the truths are now uncovered of his earlier success.

Albert on his death bed having visions of the time of World War II, and the stories of successful code-breaking effort, helping the allied forces giving an edge over the Germans. There is much more serious affairs running at the back ground. It is the revenge of the atrocities of the earlier dictatorship.

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